Two different readings


  1. A long distance hand reading with print kit

A long distance reading is in two parts

  1. Reading your soulpsychology in your fingerprints
  2. Reading your future.

The first part of your hand reading is reading your soulpsychology in your fingerprints. Your fingerprints were made 5 months before you were born and they never change. Your soul psychology is your true unique lifepurpose , your lifelesson, and your lifeschool. Your life purpose is the life you are ment to live where your life feels fulfilled and meaningful – your right life. Like letters, your fingerprints whisper who you truly are and who you are ment to be in your life.

Your lifelesson and your lifeschool are the two things in your life that you have to work with to get to your lifepurpose, your right life.  It is your challenges, your “skeletons in your closet”, the things you want to deal with the least , but have to,  to get “further up the ladder”.

The third part in your hand reading is the actual and traditional handreading , where I look at your handprints and into your future. I can give answers to whatever questions you may have . It can be about relationships, career, your financial situation and much more.

As soon as you have booked your long distance reading i will post your print kit. If you need a real quick answer you can take a clear print of your fingerprints and your palms, scan them and e-mail them to me. You will then need waterbased ink and a roller, or a dark lipstick. if you can see all prints clearly, so can I.

When you book a long distance session, please note, that the time of the session is fictive, I will contact you with all information needed as soon as I see your booking.

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2. Answer to single questions – here and now

If you only need answer to one or a few questions , here and now, you can take pictures of both palms with your cell phone, and textmessage them to me

PLEASE NOTE: the time you use when booking is just fictive, I will get back to you as soon as I see your pictures and payment.

Usually I will send your answer the same day. Price 150,- d. kr. per question (aprox. 20 euro)

+45 8161 7878 – Book here