A long distance hand reading is in three parts;

  1. A blind drawing
  2. Reading your soulagenda in your fingerprints
  3. Reading your future.

The first part in your hand reading is a blind drawing. A very famous handreader in Denmark named Agma, found out, that by drawing your hand on a piece of paper (without looking at the hand) you can get a picture of what is happening in your life right now and what questions you need answers to. You will receive a full description how to make a blind drawing along with your print kit.

The second part in your hand reading is reading your soulpsychology in your fingerprints. Your fingerprints were made 5 months before you were born and they never change. Your soul psychology is your true unique lifepurpose , your lifelesson, and your lifeschool. Your life purpose is the life you are ment to live where your life feels fulfilled and meaningful – your right life.

Your lifelesson and your lifeschool are the two things in your life you have to work with to get to your lifepurpose. It is your challenges, your “skeletons in your closet”, the things you want to deal with the least , but have to,  to get “further up the ladder”.

The third part in your hand reading is the actual and traditional handreading , where I look at your handprints and into your future. I can give answers to whatever questions you may have about the  future. It can be about relationships, career or your financial situation.

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